Welcome to IMOBSTI!

IMOBSTI is a multipurpose system that serves for STI College Caloocan.


IMOBSTI has different kind of systems that will be beneficial for STI College Caloocan, both students and employees, through the use of Web and Android.


Real-Time Announcements
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IMOBSTI provides announcements that will notify the students in real-time for them to be always updated on any important news such as no classes, upcoming events, and many more. The students can respond through rating or commenting on the announcement posted.

Online Pro-ware Reservation
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Online Pro-ware Reservationclose

IMOBSTI allows the students to reserve an item from the pro-ware of STI College Caloocan. IMOBSTI completes basic validations to avoid inconvenience and hassle to the students. IMOBSTI provides basic stock monitoring to assist admins on managing stocks and automatically mark the item as unavailable.

Student Profile

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IMOBSTI provides profile maintenance for the students to change their profile picture, contact or password. (Other information cannot be changed because of confidentiality).

School Organizations

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IMOBSTI provides information about organizations in school. Organizations are classified in to two types: Academic and Non-Academic Organizations. Admin can provide contact for the students to easily their organization.

Information Viewing

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IMOBSTI allows the student to view their information on STI College Caloocan like tuition fee balances, class schedule and subject grades.

OJT Files


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-IMOBSTI provides file maintenance of the graduating students for the admin to give the needed file easily. The admin can also post an announcements for graduating students exclusively. (It will show like a normal announcement but it can only be viewed by the graduating students).

Apply Student Assistant Online

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The students can now apply as student assistant online! IMOBSTI gives the students the capability to submit an application form (resume, face picture eg: 1x1, 2x2 etc., and their talent/special skill). It also allows the admin to contact them instantly by sending a message that will be received by the student through sms and notification.

Subject Petition

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Subject Petitionclose

IMOBSTI improves the existing subject petition system of STI College Caloocan. It provides a well-organized interface for the students to petition subject easily. Upon petitioning, they must wait for an announcement if the subject can be enrolled on the next semester.

Founders of IMOBSTI

Exequiel Ponce

Main Developer

Melody Lita

System Analyst And Alpha Tester

Nikki Colleen Devera

Information Resource

Virgilio Fabon

Data Analyst